The 2012 Oscar goes to… Caesar the ape

Copy: The National 15/11/2011

>> It could happen, you know. 20th Century Fox are pushing strongly for Andy Serkis’ motion-captured performance as Caesar the genetically modified chimpanzee in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes to be recognised in the best actor category at next year’s Oscars. So how close are we to a computer-generated character built from motion-capture data standing alongside George Clooney or Leonardo Di Caprio in the shortlist? Judging by the amount of films using the technique these days, probably not long. But is motion-capture really just, as Serkis calls it, “digital make-up”? That’s what I investigate in this piece for The National.

“Our job is to try to have people be aware of and recognise great performances, even when they come in this case in an unusual skin. I think it’s one of the great emotional performances ever.”


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