Copy: Creative Times 08/11/2011

>> I spotted a retro videogaming night in the Lass O’Gowrie pub in Manchester recently. A good idea – but an event called Get Into Gaming takes the notion of social videogaming one step further. Also in a pub, this time in Leeds, the idea is to get like-minded people together to talk about games – not just how to play them but their history and how to get into the industry. There’s games to play, but also speakers, a quiz and Gamesmaster-style challenges.

Anyway, the second event is on November 23 – with a theme of co-op gaming harking back to a time when “videogames required actually working with the person next to you, about co-operating to win.” I had a really interesting half an hour talking about it for Creative Times with the two guys behind Get Into Gaming – it reminded me of crowding around a BBC Micro with my friends, helping each other to perform the tricky docking manoeuvre in Elite. These days, of course, it’s all online, multiplayer action – fun, but not as social as being in the same room together. Or maybe I’m just being nostalgic.

“There is a lot of game-making and thinking happening in Yorkshire – Revolution in York, Sumo in Sheffield, Four Door Lemon in Bradford. So it’s been nice to get these people in a room and discuss gaming. But we’re also finding people coming along who have nothing to do with the industry, who are just enthusiasts.”


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