The making of Gymkhana 8

The National, April 2016 It’s one of Dubai’s busiest highways. But for once, the thundering traffic of Sheikh Zayed Road is nowhere to be seen. Instead, lined up…


Lupita Nyong’o interview

Vision, January 2016 When Lupita Nyong’o finally signed up for JJ Abrams’s long-awaited Star Wars film last year, she joined an exclusive club. Before her, only Sir Alec Guinness –…


JJ Abrams profile

The National, December 2015 “Exciting, spectacular and seductively innocent”; “A humongous piece of cinema … with inter­galactic, warp-speed, panoramic blockbuster action”; “Bold but beautiful, nostalgic but new”. The…


Aamir Khan profile

The National, November 2015 Protesters were camped outside his Mumbai house. Black ink was smeared on the posters of his films. On Twitter, people called him a traitor,…


Why Force Friday is such a big deal

The National, September 2015 This is a big week for Star Wars fans, as the toys, models and figures that tie in to Episode VII: The Force Awakens…


Top Gun 2?

The National, August 2015 It is one of the most famous lines in 1980s movies. “I feel the need…” bellows an impossibly young Tom Cruise as he marches…


Seven reasons to see Furious 7

The National, March 2015 Early reviews of Furious 7, which features key scenes filmed in Abu Dhabi, are in. Here are seven things we learnt from them 1….