Rock Stars Stole My Life by Mark Ellen

The Observer, March 2015 Mark Ellen surveys the happy youngsters comfortably cavorting at Glastonbury, marvelling at Primal Scream beneath a harvest moon. “You bastards,” moans the music journalist…


Girl In The Dark by Anna Lyndsey

The Observer, March 2015 She has a happy job as a civil servant, has just moved into her first flat and is falling in love. Anna Lyndsey’s life…


Joe Abercrombie on fantasy

Vision, February 2015 With the second book in his YA-flavoured Shattered Sea trilogy out this month – featuring a quote from none other than Game Of Thrones’ George RR…

revival book review king

Revival by Stephen King

The Observer It’s billed as possessing “the most terrifying conclusion Stephen King has ever written” – some claim given this is the man who wrote Carrie, 58 novels…


Toddlers: swiping rather than reading

Vision, February 2015 It’s become one of the strangest phenomena of our times. Leave a tablet or a smartphone lying around a toddler and not only will they…


Lauren Oliver on the rise of YA

Vision, February 2015 The general consensus is “young adults” – broadly defined as being 14+ – spend their entire lives online, prodding at their tablets, phones and laptops….


Ann Morgan reads the world in a year

The National, February 2015 As New Year’s Resolutions go, it was an impressive one. In 2012, blogger Ann Morgan set about reading a book from every one of…


Sandip Roy on debut Don’t Let Him Know

The National, February 2015 It’s a wonderful moment in a novel packed with memorable scenes. Romola, widowed and abstaining from meat and fish in keeping with her Hindu…

Troy Fleece for The National

Laughing All The Way To The Mosque

The National, February 2015 It’s January 2007, and Zarqa Nawaz’s new sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie, set around a Muslim community in North America, has just become…