Dreams still coming true

Copy: The National 07/03/12

>> Really fascinating to read that the highest-earning British musical act in the US last year wasn’t Adele. Or Coldplay. It was, incredibly, Sade. I genuinely don’t think I’ve heard anything by her since Your Love Is King. Or maybe I’m just snobbish.

Nice sax solo. Anyway, surely Sade’s success gives encouragement to Gabrielle, who hits the comeback trail this week with a gig in Dubai. I spoke to her about her career recently and there are striking similarities with Sade in that both have played the music industry on their own terms – recluses, in a way, who only return to the public eye when they have something to say. Or sing, rather.

Anyway, if ever there was a time for Gabrielle to make a comeback, it’s now. She has the high-profile endorsement from Adele, and it does feel a little like the climate is right for soulful music which pricks at the emotions. What I do know, now, is that Dreams is ‘inspired by’ Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car. Although I imagine at the time I was too busy listening to So Young by Suede.

Gabrielle – Dreams by UniversalMusicUK

Click here for the full interview with Gabrielle in The National

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  • Reply March 17, 2012

    Michael Warner

    If you listen to her Gt. hits it shows how many great songs she sang apart from the one with E17, remember them? with the short a## lead singer who used to wear his hat high up on his head to look taller. Also one of the band(the ex roofer I think) who was in the band to ‘make shapes’ ?????

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