Copy: The National 06/12/11

>> Late last month rumours that film adaptations of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica coalesced into something more substantial. But the reaction from fans was less than enthusiastic – probably thanks to worries that television series do not always good movies make. When was the last time an adaptation to the big screen actually added to the majesty of a successful television programme rather than detracted from it? Twin Peaks is just about the only series which made a successful transition, I would argue.

So in this piece in The National, I take a look at the rumours surrounding Dr Who and Battlestar, the history of film adaptations, and ask, in a world where the likes of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire are so filmic in any case, do we actually need to see our favourite series on the big scree.

“Movie tie-ins cynically trade off a willing and ready-made fanbase before riding roughshod over mythology carefully constructed over a number of years. In short, they don’t add anything to the series, they simply take away.”


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