Missing the massive benefit concert? No, me neither. They seem like relics of a bygone era. But it doesn’t mean that huge, band-based fundraising has died – like most things it’s gone online, as I found out when I spoke to Save The Children’s Steve Sidebottom about their new campaign, I’m Gonna Be Your Friend.

“What online campaigning can offer is an amazing way of reaching a very large number of people very quickly. That’s important when you consider the urgency of the situation in east Africa.”

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    Okay, thanks for being fair.But can you imangie being distracted by much more lines of typed text which include all errors, cut offs, ums, ahs etc.That become unreadable and one’s understanding of the story suffers greatly.Once you are accustomed to subtitles you learn to combine reading and hearing speech and you are not distracted in any major way.No thanks, my pleasure !

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